At your old place, you had a killer game room set up for not only entertaining friends but also for you and your family to enjoy. In addition to being leading pool table movers, Simply the Best Movers wants to help you make sure that you have the perfect game room for you and your family, whether you like video games or an assortment of different activities. You can have the perfect gaming space for your home. Reading on, you can learn some great ideas for how to make a stellar gaming space that you, your family, and your friend can enjoy for hours on end.

Bar or Cocktail Space in the Game Room

Having all of the fun activities in a game room is important, but so is ensuring that you have all of the snacks and beverages that you could possibly want while in there. You can make an adult one for when you entertain your friends or one that can be used for both adult gatherings and more kid-friendly events. This can not only give you a space where you can serve food and drinks, but this can also be a place to offer additional seating.

This can be a great idea because it makes it so that people can spread out to different areas of the game room. It will also help you prevent getting food or drinks spilled in your gaming areas. Having different spaces set up for playing and eating/drinking can help you keep your big-ticket items like your pool table safe.

You have a lot of different options for how you set up this area, meaning that you can make this idea work even in a smaller space.

Get the Space Soundproofed

Game rooms are a place where there is going to be a lot of noise. It doesn’t matter if people are playing pool or video games, these spaces tend to generate a lot of noise from people having fun, yelling, or just the nature of the games is loud. Then, this loudness will end up spreading through the rest of the house. This can be a problem if you are working from home, for instance, while people are playing in the game room.

With soundproofing, you are able to make the space a quieter one that everyone in the home can enjoy. This can be an especially worthwhile investment when your game room is located in a space like a basement, where the noise can affect everyone in the home.

The good news is that it can be done relatively cheaply when compared to many other projects around the house. It all depends on what type of soundproofing you do in the space. If you change anything structurally, this can be more expensive. But there are cheap and simple solutions that you can use to soundproof the space.

The Ultimate Video Game Space

Game rooms these days are more than just rooms where you have a pool table or ping pong table. People may want a great place to play video games as well. This means that you need to take the time to make sure that you have the space set up well so that you can have the ultimate video game space. One of the biggest parts of this is the desk and chair. You want a space that is comfortable enough for however many hours of gaming you want to do in the space. Do you have space for other people to have their computers there so everyone can play together? Do you want to incorporate console gaming and PC gaming into the space? The options are really endless, especially depending on what you want to do in the space.

How you use the space matters when you are planning the space. For instance, if you want to do both PC and console gaming, you need a couch/seating/TV setup for the console gaming in addition to the desk area for the PC gaming and your monitor(s).

Versatile Multi-Purpose Room

Maybe you don’t have enough space for a dedicated game room. Maybe you do, but you want to also have options for the space. This is why it can be a good idea to create a multi-purpose room that you can use for your game room needs and whatever else you need the space for. If you soundproofed the room, this could be a perfect space for practicing your music or as a workshop where you may use loud tools.

You can also create a space like a guest room or a man cave by utilizing multi-purpose furniture like built-ins. Maybe you are using your dining room as a game room. If so, there are gaming tables made for board games that can double as dining room furniture. By putting up chalkboard paint, you can even use the space as a children’s playroom.

Old-School Arcade for Everyone to Enjoy

From creating a bar area to adding arcade games into the space, you can create an old-school arcade space that will make you the envy of your friends. Add in some cool lighting around the space and you have the perfect arcade. Think about what your dream arcade looks like, and you can make that happen in your game room.


Our company strives for excellence when it comes to moving items. But we also want to make sure that people love their new homes. That’s why we are offering this advice to help you create a game room in your new space, whether you had one in your previous home or finally have the space to have one now. Everyone’s idea of a great game room is different, but the basic ideas here can give you something to think about when you are creating the perfect space for your specific needs.