We’ve all been there, standing in front of a sofa and not knowing how to lift it and not break half of everything in the house. Whether you need to move your furniture from one room to another, or you are looking for a cheap way to move furniture to a new home here are 8 tips from professionals on how to move furniture by yourself.

Protect the doorways.

The most common “casualty” when moving furniture is doorways. Getting them chipped or scratched is super easy, so make sure to cover them with tape, or to be extra careful when moving furniture through them.

Protect the furniture

The second most common “casualty” is the furniture itself, so make sure to at least protect the furniture’s corners, or better yet cover it with thick blankets and then wrap it with stretch wrap. By the way, you can get moving supplies, including stretch wrap, from us. See out the moving supplies price list.

Don’t lift, drag

One of the tricks to move furniture easily is to drag it (instead of lifting it). And furniture sliders will ensure that the furniture slides easy and doesn’t scratch your floors.

Moving equipment.

If dragging is not an option, whether it’s outside or you are moving furniture upstairs, consider renting or purchasing some equipment, specifically a dolly and/or lifting straps. A dolly will be of great help outside, especially when loading your furniture in a truck, and moving straps will make life much easier moving furniture up or down the stairs (and your back will also say thank you for using them).

Make it lighter.

You don’t need to move a dresser with the drawers in it. Removing drawers will not only make it lighter and easier to carry the drawer but will also prevent the drawers from moving and potentially damaging something in the process.

Take it apart.

This advice is similar to the previous one. If there is a possibility to take apart your furniture, or at least to remove the protruding parts (such as chairs’ legs), do it. It will make the load lighter and will decrease the chance of damage.

The technique is important.

This is probably what your gym coach says, but it also applies to moving. And the best way to move furniture is to keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight.

Get help.

The last tip is the most obvious one. You can’t move large furniture by yourself, so make sure you have someone to help you, whether it is your family members or your friends. Alternatively, if you need your furniture moved without effort, consider hiring a moving company. Our movers have extensive experience in moving furniture and all your belongings will be insured up to $2 ml. Get in touch with us for a quote!