Whether you’re locating to a new place, need to transport your piano to a performance, or you’ve just purchased a new piano and are looking for a way to get it home, moving a piano is far from easy. If the daunting process and the extreme weight of your piano are not motivation enough for you to hire a professional piano mover, then perhaps its value should be.

Pianos are generally delicate. When it comes to moving your piano, you can never be careful enough. Unlike when moving furniture, you cannot utterly pull apart a grand or upright piano. You have to figure out how to maneuver the entire weight through the door, onto the truck, to the new location, and off the truck, without a single scratch.

If your piano cost you a fortune, it is much safer to contract a piano mover to benefit from their insurance coverage and wealth of experience. You can learn more about why you should hire Simply the Best Movers for the job.

However, if you decide to round up a team of friends to help you move your piano, we have outlined all the hacks you need to learn before you even get started.

How to Move a Heavy Piano

Pianos come in different types, sizes, and weights. The smaller upright pianos, for instance, weigh over 300 pounds, while the big upright pianos weigh between 600 to 800 pounds. Each type and brand of piano has its own unique features to which you have to pay attention. However, the following steps will generally apply when moving any heavy piano, with a few modifications where necessary.

Preparation Tips

Mobilization: Depending on the size and weight of the piano, you might require a team of 3 to 5 able-bodied friends to help you move your piano. Make a list of all the materials and equipment that you will need, and then book them in time for renting, where possible. You may need to hire the following:

  • A truck
  • A four-wheel dolly with straps
  • A loading ramp
  • Moving straps
  • Moving blankets, and
  • A piano board, among others.

Purchase adequate heavy-duty packing tape and shrink wrap before you begin.

Clear the Path: You will need to measure the dimensions of the piano as well as the corridors and hallways, to strategize how to move it to the truck. Select a route that has fewer obstructions and clear the path from any movable items. Additionally, if your piano can fit into the elevator, it will be much easier for you, compared to taking the stairs, which will require setting up ramps.

Piano Packing Tips:

Disassemble the Parts: To pack an upright piano, start by lowering and locking the lid in place. For a grand piano, you will need to take off the top to avoid any risks of cracking, as well as the foot pedals, the piano lyre, the legs, and any other detachable parts.

Wrapping the Piano: Use the moving blanket or padding to wrap and protect the piano from any potential scratches or dents. Pay keen attention to the top since it contains most of the delicate features. Once all the parts are covered, use the shrink wrap generously to cover every part of the piano. The shrink wrap helps in keeping off any moisture and dust during the move. Follow the same process to wrap and label any movable parts that you had earlier detached.

Piano Moving Tips and Tricks

Now that your piano is all packed and wrapped away, here comes the hard part. Strap the piano board securely to the longer side of the piano. Thereafter, hoist it and place it centred on the dolly for a uniform distribution of weight. The dolly should be at least half of the length of the piano to attain a good balance. Furthermore, you should opt for a dolly with pneumatic rubber wheels that will not only sustain the weight of the piano but also protect your floors.

The main tricks when lifting the piano throughout this process are as follows:

  • Always lift from a squatting position, with your back straight, to prevent any bodily injuries.
  • Wear free comfortable clothing that allows you to flexibly squat in the required position. You should also wear athletic footwear with a good grip on the floor.
  • Locate the piano handles for a firm grip, and hold the corner below the keyboards for additional support.
  • If you can get access to weight-lifting or moving straps, the better. These will allow you to lift the weight of the piano without any risks of injuring your back.

Move the piano through the route you had cleared, all the way to the truck. Incline the loading ramp from the ground to the truck and gently push the piano up to the back of the truck. Use the moving straps to secure your piano flush onto the back wall of the truck so that it doesn’t move during transportation. Do not forget to carry the removable parts you had wrapped.

Offloading Tips

On arrival at the new location, repeat the same process in reverse:

  • Unfasten the moving straps.
  • Set up the ramps, and carefully bring down the piano.
  • Direct and push the dolly into the house to the desired location and offload it.
  • Once you undo the piano board, you can start unwrapping and reassembling all the parts.
  • Finally, get your piano tuned and you’re all set!

It is an extremely tedious process, but with the right equipment, patience, and utmost care, you can safely move your piano!

Piano Movers Calgary

You can decide to undertake this task alone. However, for pianos that are highly expensive, or where transportation is required over a longer distance, we would totally recommend hiring a piano mover.

If you’re in need of a piano mover in Calgary, we are available to offer such services at your convenience. Our insurance covers up to a whopping two million dollars for any loss or damage to your piano and its parts. It doesn’t get any better than that! With the right equipment and a skilled team, we offer a worry-free moving experience for all our clients.

Piano Moving Cost

With Simply the Best Movers, what you see is, is what you get. There are no hidden costs. We quote our moving costs based on a standard hourly rate that is all-inclusive of labour and all the equipment you require to move your piano to your new location. There are no variations in the rates regardless of any delays, detours, unforeseen weather conditions, or accidents. Simply contact us with your moving details and we will issue you with a quote.