Moving from one city to another is something almost everyone will experience at least once in their lifetime. It could be a very daunting and difficult task whether you are moving personal items, work items, or any other thing in between.

If you choose to do the task alone or with close friends and family, however, we have a few tips and tricks that will guide you in making the right decisions and ease the process as much as possible for you.

Personal items can be anything from household furniture to Tupperware, and even machines, etc. Some of these items can be very delicate and have to be transported quite carefully to ensure that they don’t break or get worse in the process. To do this, factors such as medium of transportation, appropriate packaging, and handling have to be considered.

If you own pricey stuff, it is advisable to hire professional movers to get the job done. Apart from their professional services you will also enjoy the benefits of their insurance coverage and valuable experience. Simply the Best Movers/a> is a moving company that can give you more insight and advice when it comes to getting professional help to move your stuff out of town.

The items to be moved have different sizes, weights, and dimensions. These different characteristics will determine the unique features you have to pay attention to and how much care you need to use in handling the items. The following steps will apply to the most basic household furniture being moved from Calgary to Vancouver.

Cost to Move Out of Calgary

Of course, finances play a key role in this journey. To determine the cost of moving to Vancouver from Calgary, you should take note of the following;

  • Number of Items and Weight of Items to be Transported

As expected, the greater the number of items to be transported, the greater the weight and inherently, the more costly it’ll be whether you use professional movers or not. The idea of costing or budgeting goes a long way to ease planning and also help you the mover find means of curbing expenditure. A good way of reducing your expenses will be to sell some things and save money.

  • Services Needed to Get the Job Done

To comfortably transport all your furniture and property, large items will have to be disassembled into movable parts, other items such as packaging, temporary storage space, unpackaging and other additional services and materials. All these will add to the overall cost of relocation.

  • Distance Between Calgary and Vancouver

Since you are going to be doing the moving by yourself, this factor determines how much gas you’ll need and how long you spend on the road. The distance between Calgary and Vancouver is 972.7 kilometres and takes anywhere around 10 and a half hours of driving time. You may choose to do the drive at a go or stop somewhere for a night. Whatever way you choose affects the amount of money you end up spending.

Unlike the other factors, the distance between the two cities is the most constant thing and cannot be altered.

Moving Out Checklist

Here’s a checklist to make the whole process seamless from the get-go. Apart from the financials that have to be checked and prepared for, time is an essential factor that plays a role in how successful your move is.

Therefore, great time management skills and proper organizational management are a must to make the most out of what little time you have to make this move.

  • Set a Budget

Knowing in advance what the rough estimate of your move is will go a long way to helping you develop a spending strategy and also have you make plans on how to raise the money.

  • Create to-do lists

With the number of things to be done while getting ready for a move, it is only appropriate that you create a guide to make sure that you are doing everything that needs to be done and on time. After completing each task, you can put a tick or any other mark that indicates that you’ve completed the said task. This will help keep you motivated and accountable. You can choose to use any of the many planning apps or the traditional method of using a hardcopy planner.

  • Get Packaging material

To ensure the integrity of your household items even after you’ve moved, they have to be properly packaged. Examples of commonly used packaging materials are; cardboard boxes, bubble wrap paper, seal tape, etc. this is an avenue that can be exploited to cut costs by substituting some of these materials like bubble wrap paper with more readily and efficient materials like a thick towel or cloth.

To have a reference of how much packaging material costs, refer to our packing supplies price list.

  • Reduce Your Possessions

An effective way of saving money during this process is letting go of as many things as possible. You can sell and then buy after the relocation.

  • Label the Boxes

After successfully packing and relocating, unpacking and settling in is another long and arduous task. Labelling your box helps in identifying exactly where certain things are found when unpacking.

You can learn more about packing for moving in our complete packing guide.

  • Change Your Address With USPS

This step is better done a few weeks before your move-out day but if you can’t do it after the move still works. You don’t want your mail ending up in the wrong place now do you?

Moving to Vancouver from Calgary will have you experiencing some culture shock because the former is a very vibrant and diverse city with a much higher cost of living. Rents are much higher in Vancouver but the average pay after-tax in both cities is not very different. Following this checklist will effectively guide you as you plan to move out.