People think just because Cochrane may be a small town in comparison to larger places like Calgary that it’s a boring place to be. You may be moving here because of job opportunities or because you want a quieter life, but you might have this misconception of there is nothing to do here. The good news is that moving here offers you the quiet solace of a relaxing town away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of things to do here.

With all the money you are saving from not living in the big city, you can enjoy your life more and visit the many attractions and activities in and around Cochrane. These are the top things to do in and around Cochrane.

Visit Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

This sanctuary aims to offer educational programs about ownership of wolfdogs as well as how important it is to preserve the wild wolves out in the natural environment. You can visit this sanctuary to see the gorgeous wolfdogs and learn everything about these majestic animals. There are 3 tours that you can choose from and since you live in Cochrane, you can take all of these tours multiple times if you want.

One tour is an interactive tour where you can get up-close and personal with the animals, which requires a reservation. You can meet 2 different packs and learn some very interesting facts about them. Another option is the sanctuary walk, where you can walk along the paths and read the plaques to learn more about them. The final tour is the intro tour, where you can get up close to the animals and get plenty of pictures of them.

Living in Cochrane allows you to visit this great place whenever you want. You can also check out our guide on the best places to move to in Canada.

Spend a Day at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

While living in Cochrane, you can enjoy all of the many activities that take place at the Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre. This is a facility that has over 325,000 sq. ft. of activities that are perfect for people of all ages to enjoy. There are over 80 programs that you can take regularly here, both drop-ins and ones that require registration. This facility has 3 ice rinks, a curling rink, climbing walls, an aquatic center, and a fitness center for everyone to enjoy.

This gives you something to do every day of the week if you want, especially if you want to stay fit or take your family out to enjoy some fun activities.

Find Local Culture at Studio West Bronze Foundry & Art Gallery 

Studio West is owned by world-renowned and award-winning bronze sculptor Don Begg and his wife. Featured in this gallery are gorgeous bronzes and monuments that he is personally involved with throughout every step of their creation. There are also assorted fine art, paintings, artifacts, and western prints that you can see when you visit the gallery. Begg himself has created over 85 monuments that you can find across North America and limited-edition bronze sculptures that are featured in private collections of many well-known figures, including Queen Elizabeth II. You can get tours of this gallery, allowing you to take in local arts right here in Cochrane.

Golf at the Links of GlenEagles

Located on the edge of the Rockies and just 15 minutes from Calgary, the Gleneagles golf course is in Cochrane. This golf course is among the top golf courses in Alberta. One of the best things about this golf course is that you can enjoy some of the most incredible panoramic views of the area while you are golfing. You can have regular access to one of the best golf courses in the area when you live in Cochrane.

Explore the Outdoor

One of the best things about living in Cochrane is that there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy when you live here. There’s Capture the Flag Adventures, which has over 23 courses, for you to spend the day or have parties and gatherings. There are various outdoor sights like Riverfront Park, Mitford Pond, and Bighill Creek.

Why Move to Cochrane 

Now that you know about some of the great things that you can do while you are living here, there are plenty of reasons why this is a great place to live. This section will take a look at some of the best reasons to move here.

  • Cochrane is a town that is far more affordable than a place like Calgary. A house of the same size in Cochrane is between 10% and 20% less than in Calgary. For a comprehensive understanding, read our the cost of living in Calgary in 2021 article
  • Cochrane has a strong sense of community that will make you feel at home.
    There is a lot of hospitality that you can enjoy here thanks to the small-town charm of Cochrane. There is a strong sense of community that you can’t get in a large city.
  • Lastly, Cochrane is a location that has a ton of stunning views that you get to enjoy every day.


Moving to Cochrane can be a much easier experience when you work with one of the leading Cochrane moving companies. Simply the Best Movers is a team of Cochrane movers that offer a wide variety of moving services and a great deal of experience. Once you move here and settle in, you can enjoy the peace of the quiet town but still have your choice of a plethora of activities to take in while living here. Cochrane is a town that is only as boring as you make it, but you’ll have plenty of things to do while here, especially since you are conveniently located within 30 minutes of Calgary.