Frequently asked questions about our policies and moving in general. 


Cost, payment, & policies

How much will it cost to move?

The cost depends on factors like distance, weight, how many belongings you have, and additional services. Our prices start at $99/hr for 2 movers and a truck. Feel free to ask us for a quote. It’s free and will take less than 5 minutes. 

Are there additional fees?

Yes, we add a destination charge of 1 hour of moving time. Additionally, if you choose to pay with a credit card, there is a small 3% credit card processing fee. Other than that, there are no extra charges or fees. 

How can I pay?

We offer flexibility in payment methods and accept e-Transfers, major credit cards (with a 3% processing fee), and cash for your convenience.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel or reschedule your move for free up to 72 hours before your scheduled move date. If you need to cancel or reschedule within 72 hours, a $100 fee will apply.

Is tipping the movers customary, and if so, what is the recommended amount?

Tipping is appreciated but not mandatory. We understand that there is a growing awareness of “tipflation”, and we encourage our customers to make informed decisions. If you’re interested in learning more about tipping movers, we have an informative article on this subject that you can read. Ultimately, tipping is a personal choice, and we appreciate your consideration in any form it takes.

Damage & Insurance

How do you protect furniture from damage?

We take the utmost care with your belongings. Our team wraps all furniture in thick blankets, securely tapes them, and uses straps to ensure they are protected during transportation.

What happens if my belongings get damaged during the move?

In the unfortunate event of any damage, please report it to our sales manager as soon as possible. We carry comprehensive commercial insurance to address major damages and will work closely with you to find a suitable resolution. 

What kind of insurance do you have?

Your belongings are insured during transportation for up to $2 million for loss or damage.


When should I book my move with you?

We strive to accommodate your moving needs promptly. For a smooth experience, it’s advisable to book 2-4 weeks ahead, especially during the peak season (April through October).

Do you provide services on weekends or holidays?

Yes, we offer moving services on weekends and holidays for your convenience.

Can I change the date of my move?

Yes, you can change your move date. Just inform us at least 72 hours before your scheduled moving date, and there are no cancellation or hidden fees involved.

When should I expect the movers to arrive?

While we make every effort to arrive on time, unforeseen circumstances like traffic or weather may cause slight delays. Rest assured, if we’re running late, we’ll communicate promptly with you. 

What should I do to prepare for the move

To prepare for your move, you have the option to either do it yourself or let our professional team handle it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, we recommend packing your personal items in advance, labeling boxes, and disconnecting and preparing appliances and electronics. However, if you prefer, we offer packing services to make your move even more hassle-free. Just let us know your preference, and we’ll accommodate your needs.

Can you provide packing tips or guidelines?

Certainly! We can offer packing tips to help you pack efficiently and ensure your items are well-protected during the move. Additionally, our blog contains a lot of useful information about moving. You can start with our guide on the best way to pack for moving.

What if my building has limited accessibility or parking restrictions?

If there are restrictions or challenges related to parking or accessing your residence, please inform us in advance. We can work together to find solutions.

Do I need to reserve parking for the moving truck?

In some locations, reserving a parking spot for our moving truck may be necessary. Check with your local authorities or building management for any requirements.

Where can I find reviews and testimonials from your previous customers?

You can read our previous customers’ reviews and testimonials on Google. We have separate links for our Alberta and BC teams to provide you with insights specific to each location. These reviews offer valuable insights into the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers in both regions.


Will you move my plants?

For safety reasons, we don’t move plants. We recommend transporting them in your vehicle to ensure their well-being. 

Do you provide pet transportation?

Unfortunately, we cannot transport pets in our trucks due to insurance reasons. Please make separate arrangements for your furry friends.

Do you provide packing services?

Yes, we provide professional packing services that you can arrange in advance for a hassle-free move.

Will the moving company provide packing materials?

Absolutely, we offer a range of packing materials for sale. Check out our price list on our packing supplies page for details.

Can you disassemble my furniture?

Yes, we can! Our movers come equipped with the necessary tools for furniture disassembly and reassembly, ensuring a smooth transition for your larger items.

Do you move specialty items like pianos or antiques?

Yes, we have experience moving specialty items like pianos, antiques, and valuable art. Let us know in advance, so we can make appropriate preparations.


Do you own your trucks?

Yes, all our trucks belong to Simply the Best Movers, guaranteeing the reliability and quality of our moving vehicles.

What size of truck do you have?

We own a fleet of trucks from 18 to 26 ft to accommodate any house size.

What equipment do you have for moving?

Our trucks come equipped with a range of essential moving equipment, including 2 and 4-wheel dollies, blankets, straps, lift gates, and all necessary tools for disassembling and reassembling furniture. Your move is in capable hands.


What types of storage solutions do you offer?

We offer secure 20ft storage containers for both short-term and long-term storage needs, accommodating a wide range of items from household belongings to office equipment.

Is the storage facility secure?

Absolutely. Our storage containers are housed in a protected site with robust security measures to ensure the safety of your possessions.

How is the pricing determined for storage?

Our storage service is offered at a flat rate of $200, providing you with a straightforward, transparent pricing model without any hidden fees. This rate covers the use of our 20ft storage containers for a predefined rental period.

Can I access my items while they’re in storage?

Yes, you can access your items by scheduling a visit. Please contact us in advance to arrange a convenient time.

What happens if I need to extend my storage time?

We understand that plans can change. If you need to extend your storage rental, just let us know, and we’ll accommodate your new timeline.

How do I schedule the move of my items into storage?

Simply contact us to schedule your move, and we’ll handle the transportation of your items to our storage facility.

Do you offer any assistance with packing for storage?

Yes, we offer full packing services as well as a range of packing materials if you choose to pack yourself. Our professional team can pack your items efficiently and safely for storage.

Are there any items that cannot be stored?

For safety reasons, we cannot store hazardous materials, perishable goods, or illegal items. If you’re unsure whether an item is permitted, please reach out to us for clarification.